Classroom Management with Positive Discipline

Proven Classroom Management Strategies

Positive Discipline in the Classroom, developed by Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott, is a valuable classroom management program that emphasizes positive and respectful interactions between teachers and students. It is based on research and provides teachers with a framework to create a positive classroom environment conducive to learning and personal growth. Here are some key points about Positive Discipline in the Classroom:

Community Building: The program focuses on fostering a sense of community within the classroom. It encourages teachers to create an inclusive and supportive environment where students feel valued and connected to one another.

Life Skills: Positive Discipline equips students with essential life skills such as problem-solving, communication, and self-regulation. These skills are not only beneficial in the classroom but also in real-life situations.

Academic Achievement: By promoting a positive and respectful classroom atmosphere, Positive Discipline aims to improve academic achievement. When students feel safe and engaged, they are more likely to excel academically.

Training Options: Positive Discipline offers various training options to educators. These include Live Interactive Training Workshops, Independent Study Video Training, and the possibility of bringing the training to a school or educational institution.

Parent-School Connection: The program also recognizes the importance of involving parents in the educational process. It aligns with the Positive Discipline Parent Education Program, which can be implemented at schools to enhance the connection between parents and the school community.

Positive Discipline in the Classroom is known for its emphasis on mutual respect, effective communication, and problem-solving techniques. It encourages teachers to move away from punitive measures and instead focus on teaching students the skills they need to make better choices and take responsibility for their actions.

By implementing the principles of Positive Discipline, educators can create a classroom environment that promotes not only academic success but also the development of valuable life skills in their students. This approach has been widely adopted in schools as it aligns with contemporary educational philosophies that prioritize social and emotional learning, as well as character development alongside traditional academics.

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Online Learning

Positive Discipline offers online learning options for parents, teachers, and parent educators. Learn in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. You have unlimited access to our online streaming programs, so you can watch and re-watch the videos as often as you like.