Iceberg Jungle Activity with Posters (Download)

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To help parents and teachers comprehend the deeper purpose of misbehavior (discouragement), and how to use encouragement to motivate emotionally healthy behavior. Five illustrations by Adam DeVito to go along with the two versions of the Iceberg Jungle activity (one for parents and one for teachers), which are also included.

1) Behavior  -- Belonging and Significance.

2) Undue Attention -- Notice me. Involve me Usefully.

3) Misguided Power -- Let me help. Give me choices.

4) Revenge -- I'm hurting. Validate my feelings.

5) Assumed Inadequacy -- Don't give up on me. Show me a small step.


Hala El-Zoghby

CPDPE + Head of Quality Department GPIS-Egypt+Mgmt Consultant

I co-facilitated an introductory workshop to introduce positive discipline to a large group of teachers and this activity was the star. It is very powerful and caused a paradigm shift for most participants as evident from their written feedback at the end of the workshop.

Posted 05/15/2015

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