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Podcast - The Power of a Hug

This tool card provides an example of asking for a hug when a child is having a temper tantrum, but that is certainly not the only time a hug can be an appropriate intervention when you understand the principle of hugs.

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Podcast - Focus on Solutions

Parent Educator Marianne McGinnis discusses the concept of focusing on solutions.
Jane Nelsen interviews a parent who asked the question about weaning her son off the pacifier.

Podcast - Family Meetings

Jane Nelsen interviews her youngest daughter, Mary Nelsen Tamborski about implementing Family Meetings.

Podcast - Another Hug Story

Jane Nelsen interviews Beth Whitehead about using "Hugs" as a parenting tool.
Jane Nelsen interviews her youngest daughter, Mary Nelsen Tamborski about being Kind AND Firm at the same time.

Podcast - Special Time

Jane Nelsen interviews Single Dad Brad about the Positive Discipline Tool of "Special Time".

Podcast - Silent Signals

Jane Nelsen and Mary Nelsen Tamborski discuss the Positive Discipline Tool of "Silent Signals".

Podcast - Teenagers Part 1 | Teenagers Part 2

Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott discuss their book and workshop on Positive Discipline for Teenagers and their experiences parenting their own teenagers.

Podcast - How Positive Discipline started

Dr. Jane Nelsen discusses how she got started with Positive Discipline. What inspired her to write the first Positive Discipline Book? She also briefly explains each of the Positive Discipline Books. Positive Discipline in the Classroom is explained and how to conduct a class meeting. Topics of positive discipline, is spanking a valid form a discipline. Jane explains how to use Positive Discipline A-Z to solve discipline issues. Rewards, do they work? Time-out is explained, how to use it effectively.

Podcast - How to deal with your kid's bad friends

How to deal with your kid's bad friends. This interview is from KSL Radio.

Podcast - 25 Years of Positive Discipline

Jane discusses another new edition and addition to my product line this year was Positive Discipline (25th year anniversary edition).

Podcast - Boredom

An excerpt from Positive Discipline A-Z by Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott

"My child complains about being bored and expects me to drop everything to entertain him."

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Podcast - When Friends Fight

An excerpt from Positive Discipline A-Z by Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott

"My child seems to fight a lot with her friends. How can I help her?"

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Podcast - Choosing Friends

An excerpt from Positive Discipline A-Z by Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott

I have one child who complains that she doesn't have any friends. Another child keeps choosing friends I don't like. How do I help my children become friends with children I approve of?"

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Podcast - Positive Parenting Radio Show

Jane Nelsen, co-author of Positive Discipline: A-Z. Topic: Solutions to everyday parenting problems. Issues: Sibling rivalry; bedtime hassles; school problems; -getting chores done; procrastination; whining; homework battles; and more.

Podcast - Getting kids involved

Jane Nelsen, author of Positive Discipline, interviews Christina Marin about her success story with getting her oldest child to help with nap time.

Podcast - The Power of a Hug

Dr. Jane Nelsen Ed.D. interviews Mary Ward about her success when using the power of a hug.

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Podcast - Resolving Bedtime Problems

In this episode we resolve bedtime problems that a caller is having with her child. 

Podcast - The Significant Seven

Dr. Jane Nelsen discusses the Significant Seven developed by H. Stephen Glenn.

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Podcast - Avoiding morning hassles

Dr. Nelsen answers a question on how to avoid morning hassles. Also what to do when your children spend time in homes where Positive Discipline is not used.

Podcast - Family Meetings

Dr. Nelsen talks about her favorite Positive Discipline tool. Holding regular Family Meetings is one of the most valuable things you can do as a family.

Why have Family Meetings?

Podcast - Parenting in Recovery

Dr. Jane Nelsen discusses the revised edition of Positive Discipline for Parenting in Recovery : A Guide to Help Recovering Parents

Podcast - Taming Temper Tantrums

My guest for the latest Positive Discipline Radio podcast, Focusing on Solutions, was Aisha Pope, and LCSW from San Diego with Families Forward-East where she teaches Positive Discipline Parenting classes. She shared two wonderful success stories, followed by some comments from me.

Podcast - Positive Time-Out You First

Create a positive time out plan for yourself. It could be a soak in the tub, getting in the shower (where kids can't follow), going into the bathroom, locking the door, and turning on the stereo, taking a short walk (if your kids are old enough), sitting on the floor in the lotus position and chanting—whatever works for you. Let your kids know your plan and that you will use it when you need to calm down. Be sure they know this is "for" you, not "against" them.

Podcast - Addiction Proof Your Child

Dr. Jane Nelsen interviews Stanton Peele author of Addiction Proof Your Child: A Realistic Approach to Preventing Drug, Alcohol, and Other Dependencies.

Podcast - Workshop Results

Dr. Jane Nelsen interviews Marianne McGinnis who shares some results of using the techniques she learned while attending a Teaching Parenting workshop. 



Helping children set goals is very different from trying to get them to set goals.



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