Teenager Lacking Motivation? Not Really!

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I have a 19- old-son, who was fired from his job and just stopped going to community college twice. He was fired because instead of going to work, he stayed at his friend's birthday party. He spends his days at home in front of the computer, has no responsibilities except to take out the trash, which he does WHEN I ask him too. I just ordered your book on Positive Discipline for Teenagers and am hoping to find some answers because I'm quite concerned about his lack of motivation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!




I'm going to give you a big hint. Your son does not lack motivation. He is totally motivated to continue living a life of luxury with out having to work for it or take any responsibility—because he can.

I would encourage you to read the article "How Do You Motivate a Teen? Yes, It Is Possible!". This article includes the steps for effective follow through. You will need a lot of following through with your adult son. 

You will also find a lot of help in Positive Discipline for Teenagers. You will learn how to stop enabling your son and start empowering him.



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