Students Test Me

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I have two students that continue to test me and what the consequences will be. I have discussed their behavior with them one on one when we are both calm. We have thought of solutions together. The students have chosen their choice of solution. It would work for a few minutes and then back at it again. Interesting enough a solution has been offered that consists of asking the student to stop. They choose this one and within a few minutes are doing the behaviors again. When we go back to the drawing board and discuss what's been happening, I ask them to choose a new solution since that on hasn't been working. They choose going to the time out table, then when they begin to exhibit the behaviors, I feel like I am punishing them by asking them to follow through with there chosen consequence.

Any Suggestions?


Testing you may be part of it, but not all of it. If you taught you students to read one day and they still couldn't do it the next day, would you think they were just testing you? Of course not. When it comes to academics, we know it is a process that takes time. Class meetings also involve a process that takes time. Kids have many skills to learn to be successful at class meetings and they will keep getting better and better with time and patience.

The part that may be testing is a direct result of the fact that you are still testing yourself. It doesn't sound as though you are totally convinced that class meetings will ever work. They will. And, once you develop that faith yourself, you will be surprised at how your students will follow your lead.. It will still be a process, and it will still take time and patience, but you won't be thrown by the setbacks. You will simply see them as part of the process and as opportunities to learn and to keep practicing.

Jane Nelsen