Question 126

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I am a teacher of children in 3rd grade and I am taking a graduate class on positive discipline. We have class meetings several times a week and the children show great problem-solving skills while we are still in our circle. However, they make little or no carry over to the actual situations. They revert to their "pre-class meeting" ways of solving problems. Any suggestion, other than constant repetition, of getting them to use the techniques they learned in their class meetings?

How often do you hold class meetings? I have found that a key is holding them every day. I ask teachers, "Would you consider having math only once a week?" They all say, "Of course not." I ask, "Why not?" They say, "Well because they couldn't learn and retain the skills." I say, "Right. And the same is true for the skills of class meetings--which are important life skills."

Do you have a copy of our book, "Positive Discipline in the Classroom"? I will give you another clue. Eliminate logical consequences and focus on solutions. (Be sure to ask for our catalog and newsletter from the home page, because it includes an article on this.) When kids focus on solutions, responsibility and cooperation is raised tenfold.

Let me know if this helps.

Jane Nelsen


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