Solving the Mystery of Parenting Teens

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Would you like to share the life-changing Positive Discipline principles with parents of teens, but worry about whether you’re equipped to support parents who may be dealing with unmotivated or rebellious teens, early sexual activity, or drug and alcohol use, especially when the stakes are so high?

Solving The Mystery of Parenting Teens Facilitator’s Training Package is designed to help educators:

  • Feel confident supporting parents of teens.
  • Get familiar with experiential activities via a live online training with the course creators.
  • Save time by providing “ready to go” content.

The Facilitator’s Guide includes a 7 week (17 hour) course outline, complete with warm ups, experiential activities, comments from facilitators and parents on each activity, weekly homework assignments for parents and teens to do together to build their relationship, and handouts for each participant, all in a convenient, downloadable format.

Solving the Mystery of Parenting Teens helps parents:

  • See the value of a shift toward a “co-pilot” role, in which parents gradually cede more responsibility to teens, giving teens the chance to make some mistakes while parents are there to provide a safety net.
  • Boost confidence in their teens’ ability to learn from mistakes.
  • Support their teens’ exploration and growth, while maintaining connection and limits.
  • Maintain influence despite disagreements with their teens.
  • Build connection, and confront their own fears as they support their teens’ growing independence and capabilities.

The Facilitator’s Package includes:

  • A 200 page Facilitator’s Guide that clearly outlines a curriculum plan, advance preparation needed, activity instructions, a debrief of each activity as taught by the course creators and experienced by parent groups, plus specific homework assignments that get parents and teens talking and building relationship together (value $125)
  • Parent Handout Guide, which saves facilitators time and money, and includes 64 pages of handouts related to each week's lesson plan, plus additional blank pages for parents to make notes.

"I LOVED the SMTP package.  It’s all in there:  detailed instructions, robust lessons plans, many opportunities for insight, learning and practice.  I refer to mine all the time for my own family as well as for those I am coaching.  A wonderful tool for family transformation—that’s what it did for mine.  And the most supportive, effective lessons I've seen for educating parents with teens. "


    Lima, Perú.

    A great compliment for the

    A great compliment for the Positive Discipline for teenagers book, with so many ideas to work in parenting classes with parents wiht teens.

    Posted 03/17/2021

    Great tools

    I've just bought this package and it is amazing!!They have a lot of practical excercises and tools to work with my 12 yr old!
    Can't wait to start practicing and hope to learn more!

    Posted 08/17/2016

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