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Time-out is one of the most popular disciplinary techniques used in homes and schools today. But instead of being the positive, motivating, experience it should be for children, it is often punitive, counterproductive, and damaging to their gentle psyches.

In this book, bestselling parenting author Jane Nelsen shows you how to make time-out a positive learning experience for children. Inside, you'll discover how positive time-out can teach children the art of self-discipline and instill such invaluable qualities as self-confidence and problem-solving skills.

You'll also learn how to:

  • Make time-out an encouraging experience
  • Develop an attitude and action plan to avoid power struggles with children
  • Empower children by involving them in the behavior changing process
  • Understand the mistaken goals of negative behavior



Changed my mind about Time-outs

This book changed my mind about what a time-out means for both children and adults. I love the emphasis on, "When we feel better, we do better." In my own life, I don't remember ever doing something mean, vindictive, or spiteful when I was in a pleasant and calm mood. It is such a simple reminder that little people want to get along, they just need to be shown how.

Posted 04/18/2021
Miranda Sullivan

Children's author/songwriter and PD Parenting Educator

This book literally changed my life. I thought, who would I be and could have been and my relationships, how wonderful they could have been if I would have known this when I was a child. This book inspired me to become a facilitator and add parenting tips to my books to promote Positive Discipline. It also inspired me to create a play around what a difference Positive Time-Out can create in a child's life. Thank you for such a wonderful book.

Posted 09/05/2013

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