Positive Discipline Workbook Facilitator's Guide - E-Book Download (PDF File)

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This is the companion Facilitator's Guide for use with the Parent's Workbook.

Save hours of preparation time! The Facilitators Guide is for Parent Educators to use with the Positive Discipline Workbook. The Guide includes a 2 1/2 hour outline for each of the six lessons illustrated in the Workbook, complete activities for each week (with page references to the workbook) and 27 Positive Discipline posters. It also includes a one page agenda that can be copied for participants that includes topics, activities, reading assignments, and practice ideas for each week.


Lima , Perú

This material gived me such

This material gived me such many ideas to begin with my classes, and the essential information to work with parents.

Posted 03/17/2021
Ildiko Haag

Positive Discipline Workbook Facilitator's Guide - E-Book

I find this guide very helpful and graceful as it saves a lot of time and hassles. A great offering of a precious gift.. why reinvent the wheel? Thank you.

Posted 02/13/2012
Tiana Sudbeck

Jane does it again..Absolutely Brilliant!

What this manual did for me was take away the biggest aversion I had to teaching classes. I would spend countless hours putting together my agendas, handouts and posters. I can now prepare for a class in about one hour. As a fairly new leader it gave me the confidence I was looking for. Parents gave me great feed back on the their versions as some of them missed reading the chapters in the book. The professionalism of it has given me a lot more credibility. Thanks for all the hard work jane!

Posted 01/31/2011
Suzanne Smitha

Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer

This Facilitator's Guide is what we have needed for parenting education; it will make it SO easy for especially a new facilitator to lead a group through Positive Discipline toward more effective, healthy parenting! Everything is well organized, the art and layout are appealing, and the activities chosen for each lesson include many of my favorites. Thank you, Jane!

Posted 01/24/2011
Felissa Covin

Positive Discipline Educator

Just finished my first lesson of the workshop and IT WENT WONDERFUL and I received such great feedback on the parent workbook. Jane, you did it again!!! This really is such an amazing gift for us educators! I feel like we can truly all be on the same page! Thank you! This product is a MUST HAVE for educators!!!

Posted 01/24/2011

I highly recommend it

I am from Colombia, and I am spreading PD in my Country as a CPDT. This facilitator´s guide is a wonderful resource to feel confident to start your classes with your parents. Don´t hesitate to buy it, you will see how easy it is to start spreading PD in your community.

Posted 01/24/2011

Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator

We just used this guide to run our first class of six - and let me tell you, it was fantastic! The guide really sets out each exercise out well and leaves the participants with concrete tools that they can use the minute they leave the class. A nice balance of interactive exercises and discussion, I cannot recommend this facilitators' guide more!

Posted 01/24/2011

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