Positive Discipline for Parenting in Recovery Ebook

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How can parents who have taken their first step toward recovery begin to heal the frayed relationship with their children? Parenting and recovery experts Jane Nelsen, Riki Intner, and Lynn Lott help parents take charge of their lives and make positive changes to bring health and healing to the whole family. Parents in recovery learn, one step at a time, how to create order and consistency in their relationship with their children. Includes several example dialogs on how to talk to you kids about drugs at different ages. The book focuses on topics such as:

  • Start where you are and keep it simple
  • Build closeness and trust through emotional honesty
  • Connect with outside support groups
  • Break old patterns of co-dependence
  • Establish routines and structures
  • Set limits and follow through
  • Learn healthy communication skills


Lima, Perú

This is a great complement

This is a great complement for classes with parents that are really discouragement since they are doing wrong with their kids for so many years. Loved the drugs topic.

Posted 03/17/2021

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