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Please Note: This download version of the Teaching Parenting Training is specifically designed for people who live in foreign countries and want to save the international shipping charges and duties. You will NOT receive physical copies of the materials with this package. All the supplemental materials are PDF downloads and the videos are available to view online.

Physical Materials:  If you would like the physical copies of the manual, books and tool cards, please Click Here for Package #2.

Version en español: Haga clic aquí para la versión en español

Live In-Person Training Available: Click Here for Dates and Locations.

Program Description

Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott created this video training that includes 6 1/2 hours filmed at a live training and requires about 6 1/2 hours of homework to practice the skills in order to receive a certificate as a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. At the end of this training, you will be ready to lead parenting classes and/or improve your skills as a parent educator regardless of the setting in which you work (counseling office, preschool, etc.)


For many years we have wondered how we could provide training for people who are unable to attend our live 2-day workshops. The video training includes experiential activities so you can at least watch others participating in the activities and learning to teach the activities. Then you can practice the activities with friends or a “practice group.”

CE Credit Information

Course meets qualifications for 13 hrs. Continuing Education credit. Positive Discipline Association has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. ACEP No. 6723. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Positive Discipline Association is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.



The training includes the following materials:

  • Video Streaming Access
  • A Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way Manual (PDF Download Version)
  • A Training Study Guide Manual (PDF Download Version)
  • A Positive Discipline book (E-Book version available through the publisher.)
  • Positive Discipline Workbook (PDF Download Version)
  • Positive Discipline Tool Cards (PDF Download Version)
  • Certificate upon completion.

The training includes a free one-year membership with the Positive Discipline Association so you will have support and resources and also be able to connect with other parent educators. https://www.positivediscipline.org

A Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator certificate will be awarded to you once the Answer Sheet is completed (including order #) and emailed to Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott, and approved by them. The work involved to complete the answer sheet (14 questions) takes about 6 1/2 hours above and beyond listening to the videos because it includes practicing some of the experiential activities and the Parents Helping Parents Problem-Solving Steps with friends. For California residents, 13 CEUs are available at the completion of the course. You may want to check to see if your organization will accept these CEUs—as some do.

Save airfare and hotel costs when you can't find a live training near you--and enjoy the workshop in the comfort of your own home. Find a friend and do the workshop together.

A hallmark of the Positive Discipline workshops (and classes) is experiential activities. Role-playing is the most profound way to learn, not only in your head, but also in your heart and gut. Participating in experiential activities and role-playing is the best way to “get into the child’s world” to understand what children are thinking, feeling, and deciding in response to the discipline methods used with them. How else can we really understand the long-term effects of discipline methods? Even parents who initially resist role-playing soon discover how much more they learn when they participate (or at least watch others role-playing). They soon give up their resistance and enjoy the fun and deep learning from experiential activities.

Another hallmark of Positive Discipline workshops is how much participants learn from each other. You will learn how to avoid long lectures and invite participants to share what they are learning from “getting into the child’s world” through the experiential activities. The insights they share with each other is much more meaningful and heartfelt than any lectures they could hear from “experts.”

Another great hallmark of Positive Discipline parenting classes that you will learn is the Parents Helping Parents Problem-Solving-Steps. During each parenting class, a volunteer parent shares a specific challenge with a child and you, the facilitator, lead the parent through a 14 step process that includes role-playing to “get into the child’s world,” and involves the whole group to brainstorm for solutions. This is very empowering to everyone one. The volunteer then chooses one suggestion and role-plays practicing it, or being the child to experience what the suggestion “feels” like to the child. This soon becomes the favorite part of every parenting class where all the Positive Discipline tools come together for practical application for “real” challenges.

The disadvantage is that video training cannot provide the same energy as participating in a live workshop.

The advantages are:

  • Videos you can watch over and over. (If you give the videos your full attention, and practice with friends, you can come close to "being there.")
  • Can do on your own time schedule (especially beneficial for people with small children or a busy schedule)
  • Save travel expenses (airfare, hotel, food) if you can't find training near you.
  • Money back guarantee if not satisfied.


Video Topics:

  • Meet the Trainers
  • Introduction to the Course Manual
  • Warm-up T-Shirt Activity
  • Competent Giant
  • Parking Lot and Questions
  • Brain in the Palm of the Hand
  • How to Structure a Parenting Class
  • Mistaken Goal Chart
  • Parking Lot and Questions 02
  • Parents Helping Parents
  • Top Card
  • Two Lists and Draw a Child
  • Pluses and Wishes
  • Mistaken Goal Chart and Parents Helping Parents
  • Warm Up - Squiggles
  • Misbehavior in Public
  • Fighting and the 3 Bs
  • Asking vs Telling
  • ABC Groups
  • The Change Process
  • Family Meetings
  • Routine Charts
  • Closing Activity


South Africa

I completed my submission for this course with minutes to spare before the deadline. I ahd comppleted about 2/3rds of the courese when I took ill for quite some time and then once I began my recovery journey I took up where I left off. I completed the last part in the last few weeks and it has been a wonderful experience for me. I have learned an enormous amount. The course was easy to follow and to wonderful to have access to the videos to reference when needed. All in all an incredible experience.


I am from Croatia. I am a mother of two kids, and I am a psychologist. This wonderful course expanded my knowledge about positive discipline tools. After the course I understand children on a deeper level. It is easy to understand and it is great chanse for me who live in non english-speaking world. I recommend it to everyone who want to be a better parent and/or educator. 

United States

I am a Chinese living in the United Sates, also I am a teacher in a private school. I had experienc both education environments: China and America. I want to say positive discipline can be a perfect theory in both countries. Most of Chinese parents did not know how to educate their children in right way. Positive discipline taught parents how to use different tools to help your children. I recommend every Chinese parent to learn about it.


I am Chinese and living in the United States; I am also a private school teacher. I have experience in both education environments: China and America. Positive discipline can be a perfect theory in both countries. Most Chinese parents need to learn how to educate their children correctly. Positive discipline teaches parents how to use different tools to help their children. I recommend every Chinese parent know about it.


I am a parent of two kids, and also an educator for teenagers. I've got many useful communication skills and tools from this course. As an online course, I can learn in my spare time without any constrants, it's very convenient.


I fell in love with PD and decided to take this course. I'm a better mom and human after this traning. I came from a authoritarian family and  every time I decide to be more respectful, kind and firm with my daughter, I feel so happy and relieved!
When I share PD with friends I feel even happier for I see it as an opportunity to change the world, person by person like Lynn says. Thanks Jane & Lynn!

France and Italy

I'll admit, it took me almost one full year to finally decide to sign up for this course... and my only regret is, I should have done it way sooner!! You might have read the books, or maybe you heard someone talking about positive parenting, and feel like you already have the keys. But this training goes way further. It gives you all the tools you need not only to understand you and your own children, and the family dynamics, a lot better; but you're now able to share these tools with other people, in a way that is encouraging and respectful of each others' point of view and ways of doing. You learn to teach by letting other experience, instead of lecturing, and the difference in how it is perceived is really profound. I feel like I really have the keys to make a change in my own family, and in my community as well, and I'm very grateful for that.


 I  can  understand the significance of positive discipline more deeply.Everyone can make mistakes and learn from them.  We all need  to  find solutions to problems and grow. I  know that I can understand children better by participating in more activities. I learn to understand children, know them, and discover their strengths. 

Malden MA

I took this course in the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, so this was absolutely perfect that everything could be done online. One thing I do like to mention is that the Positive Discipline book (E-Book version available through the publisher.) doesn't seem to be included in this course, I had to purchase with extra charge. Even with that though, I still think it is well worth the price you pay, this is a wonderful course. Wonderful for parents, wonderful for teachers, there is so much that you can learn. I intend to complete reading the book in the coming week, and I am looking forward to starting holding my own workshop. 


I started this training hoping to learn how to deal better with my son and help other parents. Throughout the classes and reading the positive discipline book much more happened. I found myself as a person. I was able to understand much more of my past and present behaviors. I changed my relationship with my parents. I stopped blaming them and took the responsibility to change what I don’t like in myself. I gained confidence and tools to educate them (and others) about their misconceptions. I decided to change careers, to go back to psychology school, to keep learning and helping others. I want to spread this precious knowledge. (Oh Boy, I could keep going!)


It is a wonderful course. Easy to understand and very very insightful. It helped me with my own children and the more I teach it the more I am learning new ways to help also my family :)


I think this online training helped me know and understand PD and how PD could be taught effectively. I went to a few PD presentation facilitated by people who received training in China, but to my surprise they are not using the right way to promote the system. eventually, they failed to spread the words effectively.


I was really interested in Positive Discipline and wanted study more about that. But I live in Korea so I can't participate in live workshop. So to me, This video training is really great chance. And I think, The video training is more effective to me who live in non english-speaking world. Because I'm not good at listening english so I can listen to the video training again, again, and again to understand. The more I study Positive Discpline, The more I feel happy and can find my possibility.


The video training is presented in an authentic way that I actually felt like I was in the room with the participants. Great seeing Dr. Jane Nelson and Lynn Lott present on this topic together. Well done!



Online Learning

Positive Discipline offers online learning options for parents, teachers, and parent educators. Learn in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. You have unlimited access to our online streaming programs, so you can watch and re-watch the videos as often as you like.