Keeping the Joy in Relationships Tool Cards (PDF Download)

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Millions have discovered the effectiveness of Positive Discipline tools to help them keep the joy in parenting. Is it any wonder that these same tools can work wonders in adult relationships? The 40 cartoons in this deck of cards will make you laugh—and when you are ready to do the activities that can create deep connection, understanding, and joy in your relationship.

  1. You might want to go through each card in order, or choose them randomly. (However, it helps to do the Relationship Map card first so you can keep your destination in your mind and in your heart.)
  2. You can improve your relationship even if you partner does not want to play this card game with you. This is one solitaire game that will bring more joy to both of you.
  3. When playing the game as a couple, it will enhance your learning if you journal separately about each card before discussing it together.
  4. When having a conflict, try randomly choosing a card to see if you find the perfect solution.


Costa Rica

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Deseo adquirir estas tarjetas en español


Posted 08/24/2022

traduccion en español para descargar

Las Tarjetas de Manteniendo La Alegría em matrimonio heno en español

Posted 10/12/2017

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