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Please Note: This version of the online class includes Physical Materials, which includes an additional shipping and handling charge. International participants should order the version with Download Materials to avoid the expensive overseas shipping. Click Here to order the download version. If you are ordering this version and would like an additional Playbook for your partner, Click Here to add a Playbook to your shopping cart. 

*This course is for couples or individuals wishing to improve their relationships. This is not a certification course to teach others. Learn More about certification.

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Course Overview

Discover the secrets to lasting joy in your relationships with our interactive online course, "Keeping the Joy in Relationships." Led by renowned experts Jane Nelsen, Mary Tamborski, and Fernanda Lee, this transformative experience is designed to deepen your connection, enhance communication, and infuse your relationships with lasting happiness.

What You'll Get:

Keeping the Joy in Relationships Course Materials
  1. Over 7 1/2 Hours of Engaging Video Instruction and Activities: Dive into a rich library of video content and interactive activities that will empower you with valuable relationship insights and strategies.
  2. Book: With stories from real couples.
  3. Interactive Participant Playbook: Your personal growth journey begins with our interactive Participant Playbook. This powerful tool will guide your reflections, insights, and progress throughout the course.
  4. Keeping the Joy in Relationships Tool Cards: Practical and actionable, these Tool Cards will equip you with the tools you need to implement what you've learned into your daily life and relationships.

We use the acronym EARS to enhance your learning. 

Experiential Activity | Reflect (in Playbook) | Share 

  • Experiential Activities use one part of your brain.
  • Reflecting by writing about your experience uses another part of your brain.
  • Sharing uses another part of your brain.

Our online training mirrors the energy and excitement of a live workshop, ensuring that your learning experience is not only enriching but even more enjoyable by watching the experience of others.

Unlock the potential for joy and fulfillment in your relationship. Enroll in the "Keeping the Joy in Relationships Online Course" today, and embark on a journey toward deeper connection and lasting happiness.

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