How to Grow Remarkable Kids with Positive Discipline

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Online Positive Discipline Parenting Course for Toddlers and Preschoolers



Experience Positive Discipline homes through videos of real families (no actors!).  Learn how to teach life skills, invite cooperation, build strong relationships and find joy and humor in everyday moments.

This premium course is an Introduction to Positive Discipline. You receive 11 topics covering the foundation of Positive Discipline and how these practices are backed by the latest brain and child development science. At the end of this course, you will have a roadmap to support the rest of your parenting journey. With purchase, you will receive both the toddler (15 months – 3 years old) and preschooler version (3 – 8 years old).

  1. Setting your compass: Who do you want your child to be at 25?
  2. Cracking the code: What their behavior is really saying Part 1
  3. Cracking the code: What their behavior is really saying Part 2
  4. Teaching children how to think for themselves
  5. Connected & mutually respectful parenting
  6. Making routines fun
  7. Teaching intrinsic motivation
  8. Solutions for misbehavior
  9. Empowering children with knowledge and practice
  10. Family meetings


  • 11 topics
  • preschool and toddler versions
  • videos of real families
  • downloads
  • private coaching calls
  • private Facebook group

Online Learning

Positive Discipline offers online learning options for parents, teachers, and parent educators. Learn in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. You have unlimited access to our online streaming programs, so you can watch and re-watch the videos as often as you like.