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If you teach or work with young children (or are raising one or two), you have a priceless—and irreplaceable—opportunity to shape and influence their lives. Building this framework for a child is not complicated; many childcare providers and parents create a sense of belonging and significance for children seemingly naturally (i.e., without a great deal of conscious thought), simply by being present for them. But nurturing genuine connection and all the skills, developmental tasks, and abilities that depend on it does require intention and commitment, especially in preschool and childcare settings. Having the right instincts is good; informing these instincts with solid information is even better.

These 52 Positive Discipline Tools for Early Childhood Educators and Parents will be a great reference guide for anyone who loves and works with children.

There are many ways to use these tool cards:

  1. Take turns with colleagues sharing challenging situations you have faced. Use the tool cards to encourage each other with possible solutions.
  2. After a day of difficult interactions with a child in your classroom, browse through the tool cards with a curious mind to find one that you can try next time.
  3. Choose one card each week to focus on in your classroom. See if this awareness improves your relationships with the children.

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