DCYP Participant's Workbook (E-Book Download)

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This powerful training program prepares adults who work with young people at developing the three perceptions and four skills which determine how effectively theyll deal with life. Young people who gain strength in these assets normally increase in character, resiliency, and other human intelligences essential for living. They meet lifes challenges of learning, relationships, and the work world successfully.

The Developing Capable Young People program (DCYP) is based on extensive research in the areas of human effectiveness and well being. Since it was developed, use of the Seven Keys to Effective Living has allowed thousands of people worldwide to unlock the potential of their lives and relationships.

The Significant Seven Skills and Perceptions


  • PERCEPTIONS OF CAPABILITIES I am capable of facing problems and challenges and gaining strength and wisdom through experience.
  • PERCEPTIONS OF SIGNIFICANCE My life has meaning and purposewho I am and what I have to offer is of value in the scheme of things.
  • PERCEPTIONS OF INFLUENCE My actions and choices influence what happens.
  • INTRAPERSONAL SKILLS The tools to respond to feelings effectivelyself-assessment, self-control and self-discipline.
  • INTERPERSONAL SKILLS The tools to communicate, cooperate, negotiate, share, empathize, resolve conflicts, and listen effectively when dealing with people.
  • SYSTEMIC SKILLS The tools of responsibility, adaptability, and flexibility necessary to deal with the environmental family, social, legal, and other systems in which we live.
  • JUDGMENT SKILLS The tools to set goals and/or make decisions, judgments, and choices based on moral and ethical principles, wisdom, and experience.

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