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Five Criteria for Positive Discipline


Dr. Jane Nelsen explains The Five Criteria for Positive Discipline in this brief video. Dr. Nelsen gives parents non-punitive parenting tools. Behavior challenges, temper tantrums, difficult children, strong willed child, disciplining children are all topics of concern for today’s busy parent.

Positive Discipline Class Meetings with Bill Scott - Part One


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Positive Discipline Class Meetings with Bill Scott - Part Two


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Do vs. Don't with Mary Tamborski


Instead of telling your children what NOT to do, try talking to them about what to Do. In this video I talk about the Positive Discipline Tool of Do vs. Don’t.

How to Discipline a Child – Dr. Nelsen TV Interview – Positive Discipline is Not Permissive



Dr. Jane Nelsen is interviewed on TV to discuss the difference between discipline and punishment. Positive Discipline teaches parents how to focus on solutions. In this news clip, Jane Nelsen explains how parents can teach their children valuable skills rather than punish them into obedience. Dr. Nelsen explains that “No punishment” is not the same as being “Permissive.”

Disciplina Positiva: Entrevista a Jane Nelsen y Gina Graham



En esta entrevista, Jane y Gina comparten sus conocimientos y experiencias para acercarnos a los principios y herramientas de la Disciplina Positiva que permiten empoderar a niños y adolescentes, desarrollando en ellos habilidades socioemocionales, la capacidad para reconocer lo positivo en los demás y, con ello, crear vínculos más cercanos, así como dialogar con el ánimo de encontrar soluciones creativas a un problema, restaurando la armonía y la paz en una situación.

How to Get Your Child to Listen in 90 Seconds – Parenting Expert Jane Nelsen Gives her Secrets

In 90 seconds you’ll quickly understand how Dr. Jane Nelsen, author of Positive Discipline, can teach parents how to get their children to become better listeners. This is one of Dr. Nelsen’s most asked questions – “How can I get my child to listen?” Parents might be surprised to learn that if THEY were better listeners, their children might be as well. Parents are busy talking, telling, explaining, going on and on about why their child should be listening. And of course, while mom and dad are rambling away, kids tune out! So if you want your children to listen to you, listen to them.


50 Ways to Avoid Power Struggles With Children – Positive Time-Out by Dr. Jane Nelsen

Jane Nelsen talks about her book Positive Time-Out and how parents and teachers can avoid power struggles at home and in the classroom. There are 50 ways to avoid power struggles with your children in this book but there are thousands more once you understand the basic problem we create when we make discipline about power and control. We cannot control every action of another human being unless we use force, fear and threats. And, yes, those tactics do work in the short run but once you turn your back or leave your child alone control is gone. It’s much more effective to teach our children to monitor and control themselves.


How to Get Control of the Classroom – Teachers Love – Positive Discipline in the Classroom

Classroom management challenges are growing as our school systems experience financial cut backs, staffing shortages, larger class size. Managing the classroom in the face of these difficult factors requires new tools and a new openness to creative teaching and discipline strategies. Dr. Jane Nelsen talks about her book Positive Discipline in the Classroom in this video overview.


How to Make Bringing Home a New Baby Easier – “All My Love” – Dr. Jane Nelsen’s Candle Demonstration

Dr. Jane Nelsen author of Positive Discipline demonstrates dealing with the belief behind the behavior. Bringing home the new baby from the hospital can have a big impact on the family. Here is an amazingly simple and beautiful way to demonstrate the power of love to a toddler so that transitioning that new child into your home will be much easier.



Dr. Daniel Siegel



Connie Podesta: Are Kids Different Today?



A typical child on Piaget's conservation tasks



Altruism in Children



Online Learning

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