Positive Discipline Classroom Package

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We are excited to announce that the Positive Discipline in the Classroom resources have recently been completely revised and updated.

Are you losing valuable teaching time because you're constantly dealing with distracting or disruptive behaviors? Positive Discipline in the Classroom materials offer effective and practical tools for engaging and challenging your students. Teach your students effective problem solving tools, create a productive learning community and regain your sense of pride and accomplishment.

The Revised 4th Edition Book: Completely revised, this edition provides more non-punitive strategies to create a classroom where students are learning self-discipline, responsibility, mutual respect, and problem-solving skills -- creating the necessary atmosphere for academic learning. Each chapter ends with a "Positive Discipline in Action" success story from a real teacher. Great on its own -- even better with the step by step Teachers' Guide.

Teachers' Guide: This is the practical manual you've been looking for! The Teachers' Guide is designed to create a respectful classroom and school climate through social emotional learning, character education and effective discipline. It provides short, simple, clear lesson plans that you can easily integrate into your daily curriculum.

Leaders' Guide: You've experienced the magic of Positive Discipline and now you want to share these amazing tools with your colleagues. This how-to guide gives the theoretical background and activities you can use with co-workers to build a respectful, solution-focused, school community.


Kindergarten Teacher


I began to notice changes right away. For example, I heard students solving problems on their own instead of coming to me to mediate. I saw kids not only using their words to solve problems, but also offering solutions. Another great benefit that Positive Discipline has brought to my classroom is a heightened sense of community within the classroom.

Posted 07/26/2013