Positive Discipline Birth to Five CD

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This 2 hour lecture, by Dr. Jane Nelsen, was given during the Butte County Dept. of Behavioral Health, Parent Conference, in Chico, CA.


  • Why punishment is never appropriate for children of any age.

  • Why any kind of time-out is not appropriate for children under the age of four, and how to create a positive time-out area with your four or five-year-old that is encouraging, empowering, and teaches valuable life skills.

  • How the brain develops, and why parents often expect things of their children that are not developmentally or age appropriate -- such as sharing, apologizing, and understanding "no" the way you think they do.

  • The three most important discipline tools to use with children under the age of three.

Many other parenting tools that can be used with children under the age of three -- and even more that can be used with four and five-year-olds. How to get children to cooperate because they "want" to. How to help your children develop the believe that, "I am capable, I can contribute in meaningful ways, and I can use my power in useful ways.




This is a wonderful reminder that parents are dealing with the same issues. Kids pass through developmental milestones and some are challenging and there is hope. The information is outstanding. This is a live recording and the audio quality is sometimes poor, particularly the audience participation. I prefer audio presentations to books and hope there will be more CDs available for people like me who find it easier to be read to than to read.

Posted 01/01/2013

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