To Know Me Is To Love Me (PDF Download)

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To Know Me Is To Love Me includes many exercises and processes which help us become aware of some of the beliefs we adopted in childhood--beliefs that lead us away from our natural self esteem and create problems that hamper the joy of living. Once we become aware of how and why we created these beliefs, we can recreate new beliefs and skills that will serve us better and return us to our inherent sense of self-esteem. 


This book can be extremely useful to individuals who are willing to spend the time to carefully go through the suggested exercises. It can serve as a form of self-therapy or can be used in conjunction with more formal therapy.


The exercises and processes outlined in this book have been used by many therapists, groups and teachers who have found them to be effective and exciting tools to use with their clients and students to increase self-awareness and useful skills. 


This is a “work” book for those who enjoy the exciting work of personal growth. I have personally experienced all of the exercises in this book and found them helpful and enlightening. Some of them have been used more than once for deeper awareness each time.