Do It Yourself Therapy (PDF Download)

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Feeling stuck or discouraged? Hopeless or depressed? Need help improving yourself or an important relationship? Do It Yourself Therapy will help you to uncover the source of your challenges, find positive solutions to your problems, and adopt more empowering beliefs. With this self-guided tour of yourself, you’ll discover how you can think, feel, and act like a new person in just eight weeks.

This lively and informative guide is packed with practical advice, insight, and tools based on sound psychological theory and practice—the same principals that formed the foundation of the successful and popular Positive Discipline program. The Awareness Activities and Action Plans included in each section can be implemented weekly so that you can gradually learn to understand yourself and, in turn, improve your relationships with others and most importantly, with yourself.

Whether doing personal work or educating and encouraging others, Do It Yourself Therapy can be a catalyst for changing lives for the better.





Posted 02/12/2017