Do It Yourself Therapy

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Can you really change your life in just eight weeks? Yes, you can. For everyone, there are turning points. These turning points are moments when you become a new person engaged in growth—when you decide to encourage yourself instead of continuing to drown in discouraging behaviors. Reading Do It Yourself Therapy can be a turning point for you. Your life can change, whether you work your way through every chapter and activity, or pick and choose the ones that appeal to you.


Hampton, Virginia

Lynn Lott's "Do It Yourself Therapy" is so beneficial!

I was recently certified w/ Lynn as an Encouragement Consultant.  Since then, I have begun using the materials - this book, "Do It Yourself Therapy" and "To Know Me is To Love Me," and sharing them w/ a small group of friends - who insisted - after my practice demo with them - that they continue going through the entire series of exercises with me.  Being more aware of how we judge, criticize and compare ourselves to others or some ideal we created along the way - and instead - offering some self-encouragement - has remarkable benefits.  This book is super easy to follow, personally and with friends.  Lynn, you have given the world an amazing tool for positive change!  Thank you!  Brenda Garrett

Posted 09/02/2018