PD in the Christian Home

Jane Nelsen Ed.D., Cheryl Erwin, and H. Stephen Glenn


  Positive Discipline
for Your Stepfamily

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Sale Price: $6.95
(Only available as an E-Book)

A Blueprint for Bringing Together Two Families
Living in a stepfamily is challenging. But a household where yours and mine must become ours can become a harmonious family unit. It is possible to build a stepfamily that works for all of its members—an environment where both adults and children can feel safe, loved, and free to grow and learn.
Written to address the particular challenges that stepfamilies typically confront, this latest addition to the bestselling Positive Discipline series helps you understand the process of stepfamily living and empowers you to make the right decisions. Inside, you will find real solutions that can make your new family a cohesive and happy unit. You'll discover how to:

  • Resolve responsibility and role issues
  • Blend rules and traditions
  • Build effective communication between all family members
  • Handle discipline and finances
  • Develop respect and affection among rival children
  • And much more!





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