Past Articles
  1. Positive Discipline At Roosevelt. A committee was formed that investigated different discipline policies. After many hours of research and discussion, a small majority chose Positive Discipline.
  2. No-Rescue Contract that could be used in school settings to promote respect, responsibility, and closer parent/school relations. The contract has gone through several revisions since; here it is reproduced in its latest form, and I offer it with the recommendation that you consider using it, adapted as you see fit for your school.
  3. A Radical Proposal for Improved Home-School Relations.
  4. The Master Teacher. People can be born with the talent of teaching and can learn over the years all the techniques and skills needed to effectively communicate information, they still they may not be great teachers because they lack those qualities that this parent noted.
  5. NO MORE LOGICAL CONSEQUENCES! At least hardly ever! FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS by Jane Nelsen.
  6. Stories from Stephanie Corvese, second grade teacher, St. Catherine of Siena, Woodbridge (Toronto), Ontario
  7. Stories from Loretta Sedran, French Teacher grades 1-8, Holy Jubilee Catholic School, Toronto, Ontario
  8. Positive Time Out
  9. Class Meeting Solutions -Put Downs, A child in the first grade had terrible body odor. Some children made disparaging remarks about how he smelled. Those who sat near him would occasionally ask the teacher whether they could move away because he smelled so bad.
  10. Lines, Lines, Lines. What's the purpose of having children line up? Can anyone remember?
  11. Moving to a New School: Bringing Three Staffs to Harmony
  12. Bus Behavior. Problems on the bus seem to be a major concern kindergarten through high school. Look at the behavior on any bus, anywhere in the world, and you will have a barometer of the development of (or lack of) internalized social skills, life skills, and social interest.
  13. Planting Seeds of Change Through Positive Discipline. In our mobile society it is not uncommon for some families to relocate several times in a child's school career.
  14. The Student Who Came With A Warning! Label
  15. Looking For Solutions In The Principal's Office
  16. The Spinoffs of Positive Discipline


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